Simple FTP clients for fast and easy transfers


  • Supports drag and drop of files
  • Connections to servers established quickly


  • Browsing files can lag sometimes
  • Doesn't support a full range of FTP features

Not bad

FTP clients can range from the utterly incomprehensible to the ridiculously easy and this one definitely falls into the latter category.

This means that it doesn't necessarily feature everything that you'd expect from an FTP client but it's certainly an excellent start for beginners and you can be sure your files will get transferred when you want them to. That's not to say m2ftp is short on features. Indeed, it includes everything you'd expect from such a client including a very easy to use and well presented GUI for administration of data files and simple but straightforward buttons for delete, renaming copy etc.

Connections are established with minimum fuss and you can display just about any type of data located on the server. Sometimes the browsing through server files can lag a little but it's nothing serious and can depend on your server response time anyway. There's an easy to use drag and drop interface so it's easy as using Windows Explorer to move and manage files plus you can move huge batches of files at the same time. What's also nice is that there's a clear status bar telling you exactly the status of your transfer, how fast it's going and when it should be complete.

It may only be limited to uploading and downloading but m2ftp is a refreshingly efficient, easy to use and very well presented client that's an ideal start for beginners to FTP.

m2ftp is a so-called FTP-client - a software which is used to establish a connection to an FTP-server. m2ftp can be used to easily up and download as well as administer data files and directories, without users having to know the functionalities of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Thus, m2ftp is a useful tool for all end-users who would like to maintain their own website on the web space offered by the ISP.




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